Family Law

Family law is one of the most challenging areas of the law. As the composition of the American Family changes, family law also is one of the most rapidly changing areas of the law. Family law is not confined to divorce, but includes adoption, child custody, paternity, children in need of care, premarital agreements and family abuse.

People who are in need of legal advice on family law issues are often under extreme emotional and sometimes economical stress. Our goal is to provide a calm, respectful environment for our client, so the decisions made during these times will help the client to move forward with their life.

It is important for a family law practitioner to be a good listener. The lawyer, however, must also maintain objectivity so the lawyer can provide the clients with the best possible advice. It is not unusual that it is necessary to give negative information to a client in order for the client to achieve the best possible results in a given circumstance. Because family law often deals with the most personal of issues we do not tell our clients less than the whole truth and strive to inform our clients what to expect at each stage of the proceeding.
Most family law cases require a great deal of “fact” gathering. We work closely with the client when gathering the information needed in any given case. Communication is essential in this “fact gathering partnership.” We encourage our clients to ask questions; often it is these questions that lead to crucial data necessary for the successful resolution of a case. This fact gathering often requires seeking assistance from other professionals, including social workers, psychologists, accountants, physicians, and financial consultants. We are prepared to help our client obtain outside help when needed.

Family law requires knowledge in many different area of law such as contract, estate planning, bankruptcy, and real estate. Our firm is prepared to provide our clients with the needed information in these and other areas of the law. When necessary, however, we do not hesitate to make a referral so the client can get the best advice. It is our goal in all cases to provide our clients with the most competent representation.

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