Criminal Defense and DUI

If you are accused of committing a crime or other misconduct, you need an experienced attorney to lead you through the criminal justice process.   A criminal conviction can lead to life altering ramifications and you need to understand both the legal and personal consequences that result from a conviction.

A criminal case often starts with an arrest or detention by a law enforcement officer.  Many individuals mistakenly believe they are compelled to answer every question asked of them by a law enforcement officer or agent.   You need to be careful when speaking or consenting to anything asked by a law enforcement officer unless your attorney is present.  Admissions and statements made by you have serious implications that can substantially alter the course of your case.

When charged with a committing a crime, you have the right to a speedy arraignment, preliminary examinations and hearings, to counsel, to a speedy trial, to a trial by jury, to present evidence or witnesses, to rebut evidence, and to cross-examine witnesses.   Sometimes there are legal deficiencies that occur during the course of a criminal investigation that may be in violation of your constitutional rights and give rise to the inadmissibility of certain evidence.

If you are charged with a DUI, we will guide you through the procedures for the two separate but simultaneous cases pending against you.  Once a law enforcement officer believes you to be DUI, you are issued a citation which starts the process for the criminal case where you face penal consequences.   Alongside the criminal case is the administrative case with the Kansas Department of Revenue concerning the status of your license to operate a vehicle.

If you already have a criminal conviction you may have a right to have your criminal record expunged.  Not all convictions are expugnable offenses, however, but depending on what your conviction is and when you successfully completed the terms of your sentencing, you may qualify for an expungement.

Whether you are charged with a DUI, misdemeanor, felony or are in need of an expungement, one of our experienced attorneys can advise you.