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Do you need an estate plan that transfers your property according to your wishes? Are you faced with a Kansas divorce, child custody, and property division issues? Are you planning to buy or sell property in Pratt County?

No matter what legal matter you are dealing with, the attorneys at Hanson, Jorns & Beverlin, LLC, have the experience, understanding, and knowledge to help you. At  Hanson, Jorns & Beverlin, LLC, we are devoted to our clients and our community. We built our office in the center of the Pratt community, convenient to the courthouse and to our clients. We are active in the civic and church communities of Pratt. Our law firm offers exceptional and dependable service to all of our clients.


The attorneys and staff at Hanson, Jorns & Beverlin, LLC are committed to providing excellent legal assistance to every client.  Whatever legal matter leads you to e-mail or call our law firm, we are here to help.

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